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Lighting fixtures, lamps and more has a very user-friendly layout. It is wasily navigable. It has drop down menus to find products by price or brand. The website displays a huge variety of light fixtures. The styles are very contemporary. They also carry brand name products like the ones from Hinkley and Maxim. They also carry a gamut of lamps for lighting up indoors like accent lamps, bath vanity strips, desk lamps, pendant fixtures, mini-pendants and fine art lamps. If you are looking to illuminate your backyard, there is a good selection to choose from.

Farreys is a wholesale hardware company established in 1924 in Miami Beach, Florida. They are very competitive in their rates and you may find great deals online. Use their tool for recommendations about what to buy for your personal needs. george kovacs lamps and hinkley light fixtures are also available on


Online furniture store

Ever thought that you could buy furniture from the comfort of your home using the internet? is a website where you can buy modern furniture. The website features a really cool room planner which you can use for free. Using this tool, you can envision your own space by adding or moving furniture, walls and windows. The furniture is categorised into living room, dining room, bedroom and kids room which makes it very easy to  browse the website.

The website features a lot of pictures and description of the furniture that they carry. You can either buy your contemporary furniture online or over the phone. The bestsellers section gives you an idea of what’s in style. You may also find Italian furniture here. Their prices seem affordable too. If you sign up for their newsletter, you can get a coupon for 5% off your next purchase.



If you have purchased anything recently, you know how difficult it is to choose the right product from the thousands available. is a website that compares various products. It has a very intuitive layout. The user selects the product that he wants to purchase e.g. dehumidifier. Then he selects the type of use like for basements, for mold or all-purposes. Taking these inputs, the 10 best products are displayed on the next page.

I found a huge selection of dehumidifiers. The “buying guide” suggested considering the noise while selecting the dehumidifier. I could also filter the search results by price, type and technology of the dehumidifier that I was looking for. collects expert and user reviews and uses them as the basis for their ranking system. The site also has information about the vendors that carry that product and its price. There is a product comparison feature too in order to make an informed choice.


Window treatments

We all know that nice window treatments accentuates a home. It can get stressful when you are a new homeowner with a house full of windows. is a website where you can browse hundreds of blinds, shades, Curtains and Drapes from the comfort of your home. Smith and Noble window treatments in a wide variety of color, print, type and fabric.

The website is very simple to navigate. The left pane lists different types of Blinds, window treatments and curtains. The Clearance section has online-only special offers. If you are a little confused, take a look at the Photo Gallery which has ideas for every room. The Top Treatments section has some of the popular styles of window treatments. The online ordering process is instructive and systematic. The appropriate hardware for the window treatments can also be found on the website. You can also purchase the same fabric utilized in window coverings as yardage, as a pillow.


Area Rugs

I was looking on the internet for rugs and I came across Here you can find nice rugs at affordable prices. Superior Rugs is a part of Superior Importers Co, which is one of the largest manufacturers of oriental area rugs. Superior rugs has been a leading supplier and distributor of rugs around the world. The advantage of buying from superior rugs is that you are buying area rugs right off the factory floor so the prices are low.

Visitors of this website can check out the recommended rugs like silk, traditional wool or contemporary wool rugs. It is also possible to search by the shape of the rug you are looking for like rectangular or round rugs. Other ways to refine the search is by size or color. There are also some great discount area rugs at unbelievably low prices. You can also check out the rugs gallery to look at the featured rugs.


Light fixtures at farreys

Farreys is a wholesale hardware company established in 1924 in Miami Beach, Florida. lets its visitors to shop for thousands of light fixtures in a wide range of styles. Their prices are very affordable and are one of the lowest that you will find online. The products are however from top manufacturers. Their home lighting product search tool helps find the right lights for your home and outdoors.

The website has an intuitive layout with drop-down menus to refine product search by price, product type or manufacturer. Here you can also find a great collection of chandeliers and chandelier accessories. Their Special offers section has some amazing deals. Some of the brands that they carry include Hinkley, Kichler and Maxim. You can visit their showrooms if you are in Florida or just buy the product you like online and have it shipped to your home. Their collection of landscape lighting for illuminating your backyard is exceptional. On the website you can also find Indoor Lamps and Torchieres to illuminate indoor space.