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How to unlock AT&T Blackberry 8100c cell phone?

I wanted to unlock my Blackberry 8100c that I have from AT&T. So I called them and they were kind enough to give me the unlock code. Here are the instructions that you need to follow:

  1. Insert the AT&T SIM card in the device and power on the phone
  2.  Turn off the radio i.e. Turn wireless off on the main screen
  3. Select Settings -> Options from the main screen
  4. Then select Advanced Options -> SIM card
  5. Type MEPD (if multitap is enable press the keys in this order [M][ER][OP][OP][DF])
  6. Then type MEP2 (for multitap press the keys in this order [M][ER][OP][OP][ALT][TY])
  7. Enter the unlock code and press enter
  8. Reboot the device

Disclaimer: These instructions are as per the best knowledge of the author. The author or the website does not take any responsibility. Do it at you own risk.