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We all know that we are in a recession, one of a kind that most of us will see only once in our lifetime. What better way to get through it by good humor and also memorabilia. sells recession related merchandise. The site claims to ship domestic orders in 1-2 days of receiving it which is pretty good. They accept all major credit cards and paypal. The merchandise that they carry is all recession related like mugs, glasses. The t-shirts that they sell are pretty cool. Their women’s sizes are American Apparel brand and Men’s sizes are Gilden brand and are 100% cotton.

You will also find some funny bumperstickers on the website. The text on the tees is humrous too. There is also an option for wholesale orders. You get special pricing for buying in bulk. They also ship internationally.



Online shopping can become very confusing at times. Shopwiki is a great help. is different from traditional shopping sites in that it revolutionizes online shopping by searching online stores for the products you want. It also tries to find attractive prices on the searched items. The users can refine their searches by price range and brand.

Shopwiki is an extremely useful online resource. There is a ton of information on various products like shoes. Their search engine will find you right product at the right price. It combines advanced Web-crawling technology with consumer-written wiki for a better shopping experience.

Each product category has its own wiki page which helps the customers choose the right product and also educate them whether it be men’s clothes or home improvement. For example, their wiki page about shoes has information about the fitting and sizing, buying tips, specialty shoes etc. It can be a great tool when it comes to online shopping.


Are you a poker fan? Or if you are interested, then you might want to take a look at This is a website which is a one stop for all poker enthusiasts out there. This poker web site does offers tips that will help you improve your gaming skills. If you are interested in pokerstars, you will find PokerStars sign up guidelines & Pokerstars Marketing Code. is one of the largest online poker rooms.

On this site you will find some great tools like chat room and forums. There is also a section that reviews poker sites. The Poker blog is another good reading section where you can get ideas and tips. The site also features some really cool poker tools like Hand Converter and Omaha Hands DB. If you are getting started on poker make sure to check out the beginner’s guide. They have some of the best codes online like the Pokerstars Bonus Code and Full Tilt Referral Code.


Networking for startups

Go BIG Network is an on-line marketplace that connects investors and entrepreneurs. It makes it easier for entrepreneurs to obtain funding for their small business venture. Currently, the biggest problem is that the startup community is not connected. Go BIG Network brings together the startups, investors, job seekers and service providers. All of these parties need each other for their survival. It is difficult to obtain venture capital especially when the VCs get a large number of business proposals each day.

Members of Go BIG Network can create a free profile of themselves when they join. They can search profiles of other members or post an ad. The advantage of joining Go BIG is that it is highly targeted and specific. It’s easy to find an angel investor or angel investors in a particular field. Go BIG allows its members to create a personal network of their friends and colleagues thereby taking advantage of social networking.


Home printers

If you have purchased anything recently, you know how difficult it is to choose the right product from the thousands available. is a website that compares various products. It has a very intuitive layout. The user selects the product that he wants the review for e.g. home printers. Then he selects the type of use like for photos, for office use etc. Taking these inputs, the 10 best products are displayed on the next page.

I found a huge selection of home printers. The “buying guide” suggested buying an all-in-one printer that also has the scanner, copier and fax. This ultimately was cheaper than buying them individually. I could also filter the search results by price, type and technology of the home printers that I was looking for. collects expert and user reviews and uses them as the basis for their ranking system. The site also has information about the vendors that carry that product and its price. There is a product comparison feature too in order to make an informed choice. The product comparison page features a ‘Buying Guide’ that recommends features that the product should have for the selected type of use.



With summer right around the corner, I have been looking to buy a nice pair of sunglasses. I came across this website that sells these Gatorz Sunglasses. These sunglasses are designed for individuals with an outdoor lifestyle. They are perfect for athletes too. They come in a range of styles and colors to choose from. Comfort, quality and style all in one product is something hard to find but these sunglasses have that combination.

If you are a biker looking for a nice pair of shades, then look no further. On the website you can find a good selection of Motorcycle Googles too. You can also find shatterproof glasses here too. They carry some of the brand name sunglasses for both men and women. Besides, the seller is an authorized reseller. The best part is that their prices are reasonable. You can find some of the best deals. Some of these sunglasses may also give the option of photo chromatic and polarized lenses.

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An online guide for yoga

Most of us have a very stressful life. There are many ways to relax and Yoga is one of the most ancient and time-tested techniques. Yoga reduces stress and tension and boosts self esteem. is for beginners as well as experienced. It explains what yoga is. There are different sections on men’s yoga and women’s yoga. The website also goes into details of the various benefits of practicing yoga. There are sections dedicated to meditation, relaxation to cater to people resorting to yoga for different reasons.

There is also the yoga blog where you can ask questions and express opinions about yoga. The various yoga related articles on the website can be very enlightening. These articles deal with various topics like yoga pose vegetarianism and relaxation techniques.

There are different styles of practicing yoga and this website describes many of them including hatha yoga and bikram yoga – the more popular styles. The pictures and videos are instructive and informative. You can find yoga classes in your neighborhood using their online directory.

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Looking for sleek new mobile phones that are affordable? Look no beyond than Here you will find a wide range of cheap mobile phones. All the latest phones from LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung are available at great low prices. They are UK’s leading supplier of cheap phones. They offer both contract mobile phones as well as pay-as-you-go option.

They have great deals for wireless carriers like O2, T-Mobile, Orange, 3 and Vodafone. Dialaphone is giving away gifts like Sony PS3 and Wii along with some of their phone deals on their website. These also include a free mobile phone and cashback. Make sure to check out their “Newspaper Offers” section where you may stumble upon amazing deals.

Their website has many phone reviews which makes it easier to buy a phone that is right for your needs. In the “Accessories” section you will find mobile phone accessories, gaming consoles, portable audio, TV and more. They also offer free next day delivery and free insurance for 3 months (their terms apply). Shopping from their website becomes easier since they accept all major credit cards. Besides that, their secure shopping and order tracking features making buying phones from them a pleasant experience.

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While googling for different ways to promote my blog, I found rssHugger. I found the concept interesting.

Basically, rssHugger is a place where blog readers find interesting blogs. So naturally it is good place for bloggers to promote their blogs. A blogger can get his/her own page on rssHugger for ten years that can display the blog’s rss feeds.

There are two ways to get the page:

  1. Give a review of the rssHugger on your blog.
  2. Pay a one time review fee of $20.

They have a Top 100 section that lists the included blogs in the order of most viewed. There is a random blog and new rss feeds section too, so no one is left obscure which is cool. The search section is a blog search directory. It has blog listings organised into various categories.

Using rssHugger bloggers can leverage the power of online viral marketing. It is also a good way to build deep back-links. The benefits for the readers is that they can subscribe to various blogs on different topics that interest them all in one place. All in all, I think it’s a innovative idea, one that can be useful in driving traffic to your blog.

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