Home printers

If you have purchased anything recently, you know how difficult it is to choose the right product from the thousands available. Wize.com is a website that compares various products. It has a very intuitive layout. The user selects the product that he wants the review for e.g. home printers. Then he selects the type of use like for photos, for office use etc. Taking these inputs, the 10 best products are displayed on the next page.

I found a huge selection of home printers. The “buying guide” suggested buying an all-in-one printer that also has the scanner, copier and fax. This ultimately was cheaper than buying them individually. I could also filter the search results by price, type and technology of the home printers that I was looking for.

Wize.com collects expert and user reviews and uses them as the basis for their ranking system. The site also has information about the vendors that carry that product and its price. There is a product comparison feature too in order to make an informed choice. The product comparison page features a ‘Buying Guide’ that recommends features that the product should have for the selected type of use.

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