Inkjet and toner cartridges

Most of us have printers at home. If you do, you know that we need ink for our printers and how expensive it is. I came across which sells inkjet cartridges for very affordable prices. The website also sells toner cartridges, solid ink and fax supplies. They sell cartridges from all major brands including HP, Dell, IBM, Lexmark and Xerox. The website claims that all of their toner and ink cartridges are guaranteed against defect for one full year.

With the price of gas where it is right now, online shopping makes a lot of sense. Not to mention the convenience that you get by checking out all the products from the convenience of your home. For a limited time, is offering free ground shipping for all orders, to any location within the continental USA. They accept major credit cards for online orders. They also have a toll free number that you can call if you need assistance with your online order.


Window treatments

We all know that nice window treatments accentuates a home. It can get stressful when you are a new homeowner with a house full of windows. is a website where you can browse hundreds of blinds, shades, Curtains and Drapes from the comfort of your home. Smith and Noble window treatments in a wide variety of color, print, type and fabric.

The website is very simple to navigate. The left pane lists different types of Blinds, window treatments and curtains. The Clearance section has online-only special offers. If you are a little confused, take a look at the Photo Gallery which has ideas for every room. The Top Treatments section has some of the popular styles of window treatments. The online ordering process is instructive and systematic. The appropriate hardware for the window treatments can also be found on the website. You can also purchase the same fabric utilized in window coverings as yardage, as a pillow.


Health Insurance

Medical treatment is expensive and you end up paying the entire bill out of pocket if you don’t have Health Insurance. All of us need to carry health coverage but getting it should not be a hassle. was created with that mindset. Their goal is to make shopping for health plans as easy as possible. It is also important to be well informed before deciding on an insurance provider. They offer insurance from many different insurance providers including UniCare, Anthem and Blue Shield Health Insurance.

They have a quick search section on their website where by answering just three questions they will determine the health insurance provider that is right for you. You also get a no obligation free health insurance quote online. The website is a great resource for information on the Insurance and health care providers. The “Coverage by region” section gives information about local insurance providers. The “Articles” section educates the reader about how to get Affordable Health Insurance.

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Promotional products and corporate gifts

Many companies need logo imprinted promotional items and corporate gifts for their employees and clients. is a website that specializes in such services. They have a highly trained customer service people and the promotion experts to make sure that the customers have a pleasant experience. They also have an international presence. Their clientele includes some of biggest companies across different industries. offers a huge selection of promotional items including apparel, automotive, bags, corporate gifts, food, holiday items, golf equipment and electronics. The customers can customize the promotional products with their logo and messages. The visitors can browse the website for products by manufacturer name as well. They also have a bargains section on the website.

Each customer will be assigned his own personal account manager to help make thier promotional event a success. If you are looking for something unique then the guys at Promopeddler can also design and manufacture custom promotion items to the exact specifications.


Bad credit repair

Having bad credit is a pain. It becomes hard to get approved for mortgage or auto loans and even if you get approved the interest rates are high. There are millions of people who have to deal with bad credit each year.

Bad Credit Repair is certainly not easy without professional help. can help you in the Credit Repair process. They are experienced in helping many people solve their credit problems. They take care of everything including Late Payments, Charge Offs, Foreclosures, Judgements, Repossessions, Closed Accounts, Bankruptcies and Collections. They can help you build positive credit irrespective of your history, background or credit record.

They also offer an affiliate program. So if you like their Credit Repair Services you can market it and earn commissions. Doing nothing about bad credit is certainly not an option. It is necessary to break the cycle of debt and live a care free life.


Car shipping

I was searching the internet for car shipping services and that’s when I found National Car Shipping has been in the auto transport business for over 20 years. The vehicle is insured against damage from the time they pick it until the it is delivered. They can even handle cars that don’t work.

If you have an expensive car, you may want to opt for the enclosed trailer shipping. The website has some of their client testimonials. Their FAQ sections answers some of the most common questions visitors may have. There is a section to ask questions or leave comments. Visitors can get an instant car shipping quote online. They also have a customer service number if you would rather prefer calling them.

These guys can transport your car all over the US. They also handle international car shipping. Their auto movers can assist you with any type of vehicle you may want to ship and they have some of the lowest rates too.


Area Rugs

I was looking on the internet for rugs and I came across Here you can find nice rugs at affordable prices. Superior Rugs is a part of Superior Importers Co, which is one of the largest manufacturers of oriental area rugs. Superior rugs has been a leading supplier and distributor of rugs around the world. The advantage of buying from superior rugs is that you are buying area rugs right off the factory floor so the prices are low.

Visitors of this website can check out the recommended rugs like silk, traditional wool or contemporary wool rugs. It is also possible to search by the shape of the rug you are looking for like rectangular or round rugs. Other ways to refine the search is by size or color. There are also some great discount area rugs at unbelievably low prices. You can also check out the rugs gallery to look at the featured rugs.


Light fixtures at farreys

Farreys is a wholesale hardware company established in 1924 in Miami Beach, Florida. lets its visitors to shop for thousands of light fixtures in a wide range of styles. Their prices are very affordable and are one of the lowest that you will find online. The products are however from top manufacturers. Their home lighting product search tool helps find the right lights for your home and outdoors.

The website has an intuitive layout with drop-down menus to refine product search by price, product type or manufacturer. Here you can also find a great collection of chandeliers and chandelier accessories. Their Special offers section has some amazing deals. Some of the brands that they carry include Hinkley, Kichler and Maxim. You can visit their showrooms if you are in Florida or just buy the product you like online and have it shipped to your home. Their collection of landscape lighting for illuminating your backyard is exceptional. On the website you can also find Indoor Lamps and Torchieres to illuminate indoor space.


How to unlock AT&T Blackberry 8100c cell phone?

I wanted to unlock my Blackberry 8100c that I have from AT&T. So I called them and they were kind enough to give me the unlock code. Here are the instructions that you need to follow:

  1. Insert the AT&T SIM card in the device and power on the phone
  2.  Turn off the radio i.e. Turn wireless off on the main screen
  3. Select Settings -> Options from the main screen
  4. Then select Advanced Options -> SIM card
  5. Type MEPD (if multitap is enable press the keys in this order [M][ER][OP][OP][DF])
  6. Then type MEP2 (for multitap press the keys in this order [M][ER][OP][OP][ALT][TY])
  7. Enter the unlock code and press enter
  8. Reboot the device

Disclaimer: These instructions are as per the best knowledge of the author. The author or the website does not take any responsibility. Do it at you own risk.


Home printers

If you have purchased anything recently, you know how difficult it is to choose the right product from the thousands available. is a website that compares various products. It has a very intuitive layout. The user selects the product that he wants the review for e.g. home printers. Then he selects the type of use like for photos, for office use etc. Taking these inputs, the 10 best products are displayed on the next page.

I found a huge selection of home printers. The “buying guide” suggested buying an all-in-one printer that also has the scanner, copier and fax. This ultimately was cheaper than buying them individually. I could also filter the search results by price, type and technology of the home printers that I was looking for. collects expert and user reviews and uses them as the basis for their ranking system. The site also has information about the vendors that carry that product and its price. There is a product comparison feature too in order to make an informed choice. The product comparison page features a ‘Buying Guide’ that recommends features that the product should have for the selected type of use.


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