Ever heard of Rhinoplasty? May be not but you would have probably heard of ‘nose job’. That’s what rhinoplasty is commonly referred as. It  is a surgical procedure usually performed to improve the aesthetic appearance of a person’s nose. Rhinoplasty can also be performed to rectify breathing problems due to structural abnormalities in the nose..

It is important to choose a qualified cosmetic surgeon for rhinoplasty. The patient must consult the surgeon and get all questions answered prior to the procedure. A thorough medical examination of the patient must be conducted by the surgeon. The cost of the procedure varies and will include lab tests, doctor’s fees, hospital charges and prescription medicine.

As with any surgical procedures, there are risks and complications with rhinoplasty and the patient must be fully aware of them before having the procedure. If the patients experiences any nasal complications after the surgery, medical attention must be sought immediately.

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